TWO FOLD is a vintage store based in Sacramento, CA.

The curation taste of our brand finds the majority of its influences from the 50s-70s Americana and its countercultures. Every product we provide is deliberately sourced by hand.

Most garments we carry are unique vintage garments from the 1950s-1990s that have developed unique characteristics through decades of wear. We see significant value in the distinctive aging of our pieces and believe it cannot be replicated in present-day manufacturing.

Our Methodology 

Take a piece of cloth and wipe the surface of a dirty table. Therefore, that side of the fabric would be soiled. The majority of the people would wash that cloth only after that single use, while the cloth could simply be turned over and used on the other untouched side. We see clothing the same way. So instead of throwing the garment away, fold it over to another person so it does not go to waste.

Get In Touch

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  • Customer Service: info@twofoldvintage.com